Delicious recipes for weight loss

weight loss recipe

Summer is here and we are all wondering how to become thinner without having to work out in the gym for many hours.  

You can find one of the best weight loss recipes in this blog post.

Well, of course we all want that, because every day we have so many work, that we simply don’t have strenght for the work out. So, will help you, by giving couple of delicious recipes which are easy to make and don’t need much time for preparation.

Weight loss recipe

Our first recipe for weight loss is a fruity surprise. But don’t worry, because these fruits can be found in every store and they are really cheap. This recipe can become your favorite breakfast and it gives you enough energy to start your day with a smile. You will need two grapefruits, one banana, one tablespoon honey and one tablespoon fresh mint (it should be chopped). Just mix everything together in a bowl and mix them well. That’s it – your perfect, healthy and weight losing breakfast is ready. weight loss recipe
Another idea for healthy breakfast. But be prepared, because it is really tasty and at the same time it is perfectly low-calorie. Again the ingredients can be found everywhere and they are cheap. You will need one toasted slice of rye bread, one banana, sliced into rings and one tablespoon almond butter. Just spread the almond butter on the toast and put the banana slices on the top. Your breakfast is ready – it is sweet and perfect for your thin figure.

Healthy breakfast

Here’s another great idea for weight losing breakfast which you will surely love. The ingredients are: one banana, sliced into rings, 2/3 cup of water, one tablespoon unsalted sunflower seed, 1/3 uncooked pearls barley and one tablespoon honey. The preparation will take you only five minutes. You have to mix the cup of water with the barley and to put the bowl in a microwave. They should stay there for six minutes and the microwave should be strong. After that you will have to stir them and let them to cool for about two minutes. Put the banana slices, the honey and the sunflower seed on the top and you’re ready. weight loss breakfast

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