Weight loss thanks to milkshakes

Have you ever thought that you can lose couple of pounds thanks to milkshakes?  Maybe most of you’re thinking that milkshakes contain too much calories and that actually they are bad for our healh.
The truth is different and right here – at Weight-loss. tips, you’ll find out how you can prepare healthy milkshakes, which will help you to look thinner and to feel better.

Weight loss milkshake with oranges and strawberries


One of the most tasty and beloved milkshakes ever is the one which contains strawberries and oranges. For the preparation you’ll need one cup of blended strawberries, two cups of orange juice, one sliced banana, one cup of ice and exactly two cups of milk – but remember that it should be fat-free. Add the ingrdients in the blender and add low-fat strawberry yogurt.

Weight loss milkshake with mango and mandarins


Many people love mango, so we suggest you to add two cupes of frozen mango to a blender with two cups of drained mandarin, one scoop of low-fat mango yogurt, one cup of ice and one cup of non-fat milk. After one minute in the blender your milkshake will be ready.

Weight loss milkshake with raspberry and avocado


Another great milkshake for losing weight contains avocado and raspberry. Again, you’re going to need a blender and: one avocado, which should be peeled and without petted. Add two cups of raspberry juice, one cup of low-fat milk, 3/4 cup of orange juice and one cup of ice. Mix them in the blender and you’ll get your refreshing, healthy and weight losing milkshake.

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