Weight loss and 7 foods to avoid

Weight loss peanut butter

Weight loss is serious business.  We all want our body to look exactly as a supermodels’ but unfortunately, that can’t be achieved easily.
Although, every day we make the same mistake over and over again by eating foods which help us to gain weight not to lose some.
So, Weight-loss.tips has prepared for you list of all dangerous foods, which interfere our weight losing program. Instead we can replace them with similar foods, which look and taste the same, but are much healthier.

1. Weight loss Pasta

Weight loss pasta
Yes, we love it, it’s great and we can eat it for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner. But why don’t you try whole wheat pasta. We guarantee you that it tastes the same and it’s perfect for our body and our weight losing.





2. Dinners from the fridge

Weight loss frozen dinner



Frozen dinners are really common, because we all don’t have enough time to cook every day. But you should know that they’re really dangerous and by eating them you’re gaining weight. We have better sugestion – combine your left overs and prepare delicious meals with several different foods, which are just lying in your fridge.

3. Bread for weight loss

Weight loss multigrain bread
Of course, it’s important for our eating, so you shouldn’t completely exclude it from your menu. Replace it with multi-grain bread. After all, it tastes better, it’s healthy and helps us to lose weight.

4. Peanut butter

Weight loss peanut butter












It’s sweet, it suits perfectly with everything and we eat it all the time. But you should keep in mind that just one tablespoon from our favorite peanut butter contains up to 200 calories. Don’t worry, you can still find that delicious food in the store and it should be natural.

5. Ice cream

Weight loss ice cream
It’s summer and we want to eat something refreshing. Just try low fat ice cream, but be careful and read the label first, to be sure that it’s really low fat and it doens’t contain too much calories.

6. Nuts mix

Weight loss nuts mix
It’s perfect when we’re watching TV, but it’s bad for our diet and attempts to lose some weight. We suggest you to try uncooked nuts, which also taste great but doesn’t have too much calories.

7. Sugar free foods and drinks

Weight loss low sugar
It’s said that we’re drinking sugar free sodas, but are they really sugar free. Yes they don’t contain natural sugar, but instead they have sugar alternatives, which we can read on the label. You should find that drink or food which is guaranteed sugar and sugar alternatives free.

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