10 tips for weight loss at home

Weight loss tips at home

Weight loss is a programme that leads to healthy balanced diet. 

Tips for losing weight:

1. By eating slowly- research reveals that over bid weight is as a result of eating faster without proper chewing.
2. Ensuring that you stop eating before you feel full.
3. Never skip meals-in the process one should maintain blood sugar level to get rid of hunger. Skipping meals leads to craving.
4. Weighing yourself weekly, this is because it is a long process and the weekly weigh will give someone the overall process. More over one may get discouraged if he/she doesn’t drop the mass in a short time.
5. Always use smaller plate so as to make yourself feel fuller.

Weight loss tips at home












6. Reduce alcohol intake since it is a basis of empty calories and cutting down is a good way of adding up the body mass.
7. By eating foods rich in high fiber. Such food makes one fuller for longer periods.
8. By keeping hydrated by drinking at least 6 glasses of water per day.
9. By avoiding temptation to buying snacks and sweets and also unsuitable foods be stored far away from vicinity.
10. Through exercising as more calories are burned out.

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