5 cellulite loss exercises

Weight loss cardio running

Most women know exactly what is cellulite and how it looks like.  Of course, that’s because most women have cellulite. And no matter how many diets for weight loss they try, the cellulite is right there and it seems that there’s no way to reduce it.

Easy cellulite loss exercises

Sometimes it seems that the cellulite battle is simply impossible and we just want to give up. But you should know that if start doing exercises for weight loss, the results will be fantastic.
But before we start with the exercises, we would like to give you another tip – find anti-cellulite gel and use it every night before going to bed. You should do that for at least one month to see some results. But you should do everything togehter in order to achieve cellulite loss – exercises, diets and gel.

Today, we’ll show you exercises which will help you to get rid off cellulite and to look great with bathing suit.

1. Climb as many stairs as you can

Weight loss stair climbing
You should do that daily, no matter if you’re going to work. Choose the stairs instead of elevator. You don’t need any special equipment. But the stair climbing tightens the legs and helps to reduce cellulite.


2. Cellulite loss exercises with back kicks

Weight loss back kick
That exercise can be done at your home. Again – you don’t need equipment. Stand on your knees and hands. Then you have to lift one leg and it should point 45 degrees angle. Do as many repeats as you can, but firstly it would be better to start with 15 repeats.


3. Cardio exercises

Weight loss cardio running
It’s well known that cardio exercses help us to burn more calories. And this means that thanks to them our body will start to burn fat deposits, which are the main culprits for cellulite. So, start running, walking faster, hiking and whatever you can think as cardio exercise.


4. Lift your legs

Weight loss leg lifts
That’s another great exercise which will help you to lose weight and cellulite. You can do it at home. We suggest you to start with 15 repeats and increse their number little by little. Just lie on your side. One hand should be beside your waist and the other’s elbow should be on the ground. Then slowly start lifting one leg (it should be straight and toes should be pointed). Lift that leg as much as you can and then slowly low it back down.

5. Cellulite loss exercises squats

Weight loss squats

With this exercise everything’s clear – you just have to squat. But the thing is that you havew to squat so that your thighs should be parallel to the floor. The standing back up should be done slowly. This exercise is great for both legs and butt, because it builds muscles on them and of course, reduces cellulite. Again reps should be about 15 at the beggind and should become more and more every day.

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