Seafood weight loss diet and tips

Salmon weight loss

Many people think that seafood weight loss is great in any form.
Yes, that’s partly true, but in you’ll find out that there’re only six types of seafood, which can help you to lose weight. You can be sure that the seafood weight loss is perfect for everybody.

1. Tuna is great for weight loss.

Tuna weight loss

Tuna is delicious and can be found in many salads and meals. But you have to keep in mind that only albacore tuna will help you to lose weight, because of albacore.
Actually, that’s the kind which you can find canned in every store. So, eat albacore tuna and add it to any salad or meal you want, because seafood weight loss can be very delicious.

2. Salmon is perfect choice for seafood weight loss.

Salmon weight loss

That seafood should be present in every diet, because it gives you enough energy and has high levels of Omega-3s. This means that salmon is not only good for losing weight, but it also helps your body to detox.



3. Oysters and their positive effect.

Oysters weight loss

Yes, you can eat oysters anytime you want. They contains Omega 3-s and your body will be thankful for that healthy seafood weight loss.
Don’t forget that they’re also aphrodisiac.

4. Sardines for your seafood diet.

They’re cheap and they’re healthy. They contain Omega 3-s and also vitamin D, which is also great for your body.
We recommend Pacific sardines, because they don’t contain too much calories.

5. Seafood which you shouldn’t eat.

Here’s a list with seafood which you should avoid if you want to try the seafood weight loss and feel energised.
First in our list is Bluefin Tuna, because it contains high levels of mercury. Besides that fish is among endangered species.
Next is Chilean Sea Bass – again high mercury levels and threatened species.

Threatened Chilean sea bass
Monkfish – actually it is similar to catfish, but it’s pretty rare and hard to catch.
Farmed salmon – they aren’t raised properly, and they’re fed with fishmeal.
Grouper – it containg high mercury levels. This fish reproduce rarely, which means that it is threatened.
Orange Roughy – this fish reproduces slowly, so it shouldn’t be overfished. Keep in mind that the Orange Roughy can live up to 100 years.

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