Cheap and healthy lunch recipes


We spend almost every hour at the office. 

You will find the best healthy lunch recipes in our post.

Yes, it might sounds rather sad, but it is true that most of our lunches are eaten at the office and will tell you how to deal with that situation. And what includes your menu? Maybe some sandwiches, salads and fast food. Of course, we all know that the lunch break is really short and we are trying to eat our lunch quickly. But wouldn’t it be great if we manage to eat healthy?

It is really possible and the most important of all is that we’re going to show you delicious, healthy and cheap lunch recipes which will guarantee you that you’re going to eat healthier and this won’t cost you too much.

Ricotta and sundried tomatoes

The first lunch recipe is really refreshing and it will give you new energy for the rest of the day. Its ingredients are two sundried tomatoes, two small potatoes, one small ricotta cheese (around 200g), one garlic, one egg, two capsicum strips (they should be roasted), two tablespoons feta, one sheet puff pastry and salt.

ricotta sundried tomatoes for weight loss

The preparation isn’t difficult. First of all the oven have to be preheated to 180C. The chopped sweet potates should be placed on a tray and they need to be bakes for about 15 minutes. The sheet of pastry should be taken right from the freezer and put it in the microwave for one minute. Then put it in the oven in loaf tin. Bake it for 10 minutes. When the pastry is baking, you can mix the other ingredients in a bowl – sundried tomatoes, egg, ricotta and garlic and after that add the baked sweet potatoes. That mix should be poured on the pastry and you have to wrap everything with the pastry. Bake them for about thirty minutes. Your lunch is ready and you can take it in the office.

Weight loss pumpkin soup

Don’t forget the soup because it is really great, it helps your stomach to fell better and today we’re going to present you our special pumpkin soup recipe. You’ll need: 650g pmpkin, two slices cut bacon, one large onion, one tablespoon olive oil, one potato, one cup of water, one tablespoon ground cumin and two cups of heated beef stock.

Pumpkin soup for weight loss

The pumpkin should be cut into small cubes. Take a pot and put in it the bacon and the olive oil. It will be ready after pive minutes and it has to be brown. When the bacon is browned, you can add in the pot more olive oil and the onion – again for five minutes. Don’t forget that after that the heat have to be low-med and then you can put the cumin. Add the potato and the pumpkin and stir that mix – obligatory with a wooden spoon. When the mix is ready, you can turn up the heat and add the water – you’re going to need enough water to cover the pumpkin. When it starts to boil, you can turn the heat down and put on the lid. After twenty minutes your pumpkin will be ready. The last thing that you can do is to blend the soup and serve it with crusty bread.

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