Lose weight by eating raw food every day

Weight loss raw food

Maybe you’ve heard that many people are switching to raw foods.  It turns out that this is easy way to lose some weight.
The weight loss with raw food can be followed easily, because there’re numerous restaurant where there’re served raw meals. Of course, you can prepare everything you want at home.
One of the best things is that preparing one raw food meal doesn’t require much time.
It’s a proven fact that by eating raw vegetables you can feel great and it also reflects well on our organism.
Your raw diet may include almost everything: fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, seeds, eggs, dairy products and meat.
The trick is that the food shouldn’t be prepared on more than 40 °C to 46 °C.
Remenber that about 70% of your daily meals should contain foods, which are plant-based.

Weight loss raw food

Weight loss with raw foods

Yes, you can lose weight by eating only raw foods. The effect will show really soon, so you’ll be happy from the results.

Raw isn’t a new weight losing method, but recently more and more people choose that way for achieving their perfect figure. And it really works.

Types of raw foods diets

Weight loss with raw vegetarianism

That type of raw diet doesn’t contain any meat. But you can still eat eggs and dairy products. You’re allowed to eat seeds, legumes, fruits, nuts, begetables, honey, dairy, eggs grains and sprouts.

Weight loss raw diet

Weight loss with raw veganism

If you choose to follow that diet, then you’ll be eating only plant foods, which are raw, and they shouldn’t be heated above 40 °C to 49 °C. That’s because cooking at higher temperature doesn’t keep the nutritional value of any food. You can eat sprouts, vegetables, legumes, seeds, friuts, grains and nuts.

Weight loss with raw animal food

That diet includes every food, which can be eaten without cooking. We’re talking about raw eggs, raw animal foods – shelfish, meat, fish and raw organ-meats. If you’re following that weight losing diet, then you shouldn’t prepare your meals above 40 °C.

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