Can we lose weight by eating everything

Weight loss by eating everything

Losing weight is not simple.   It is well-known it is better to maintain your body in shape than getting in it, but also you can get thinner very simple and fast if you want. The main problem in getting fat is what you eat. Eating seems to be pleasant, but a good looking body is more satisfying, so when you eat, you should think what you choose: good looking body, or moment pleasure.
The food is the most important part in weight loss, sports, even for your health. In body building are a lot of tricks about eating, and more of them also can be useful for a normal, unsportsmanlike life.

You can eat everything and lose weight

Weight loss by eating everything
First of all you can eat everything you want and still be good looking and not getting fat. You only should not exaggerate with unhealthy foods like fats and sweets and so on. You can eat anything, but it must be eaten only at meal (you can cheat only at the table, not in front of PC or TV).

Choose a special day for caloric foods

Another trick is “the cheat day”. You have to eat all the week healthy and fats free food, and you can choose a day when you break the rules and eat everything you want. It is preferable the cheat day to be a day when you do cardio. In conclusion you can eat and still look good if you have a measure in eating sweets and fats, or this is happening one day a week.

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