Weight loss with juicing recipes

The perfect figure – this is a dream for almost everyone.   Every day we are hearing tips and advices about how to lose weight and to be thinner. So, today, only thanks to Weight-loss.tips you will find out how to achieve the perfect figure with juicing recipes.
But before we’ve started you need to know that juicing is one of the best and fastest ways to lose some weight. After all you won’t be starving and our juicing recipes will convince you that your body is feeling better and that it looks better. Juicing definetely gives your body the needed vitamins and nutrients.
You can choose between juicing recipes with vegetables and fruits. We will recommend you to choose the vegetables juicing recipes, because they don’t contain fructose.

Juicing recipe

We will start with juicing recipe which kills all toxins in your body. You can drink it whenever you want and and tastes really good. You will need three apples, just one stick of celery, one hadful lettuce, one handful spinach, half a cucumber and one cup of ice. The preparation of that juicing is really easy. You have to peel the cucumber and the apples. Then you will need a juicer and you have to put in it the apples, cucumer, spinach, the lettuce and the ice. Only a minute will be enough to blend them. After that it is ready to drink and you will find out how refreshing that drink is. detoxing

Loosing weight juicing recipe

Our second juicing which will help you to lose weight is also green, but it contains vegetables and fruits. Fot it you will need two carrots, one celery stick, two oranges, 1/4 lettuce, 1/4 of cabbage and two branches of broccoli. The oranges have to be put in a citrus juicer. After that you can put the oranges in the juicer with the vegetables. Don’t forget to put ice. This juicing recipe has to be drunk in the evening. It will help you to relax after the long day.
weight loss with helathy juicing recipes
The third recipe is really easy and it can pick you up when you’re feeling tired. For it you will need only friuts such as: two nectarines, two apples, two kiwi fruits and 1/3 of a pineapple. Of course, you will have to remove the stones from the nectarines and the pineapple should be skinless. Maybe you will have to chop the fruits, so they fit in the juicer. All you have to do after that is to add some ice and mixx everything together. This drink will give you enough energy which will last throughout the whole day.
weight loss with fruit juice

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