5 tips for weight losing exercises at home

toe touching weight loss

These days life is fast paced and chaotic, finding ways to lose weight can be a challenge.   Sometimes finding time to go to the gym just isn’t an option, thankfully there are ways to exercise at home!

Lose weight while watching TV

One option is during television time (or anytime), every time commercials come on start doing crunches. You start the moment the commercials come on and don’t stop until the show comes back on! You would be surprised how quickly these bursts of crunches start showing results!

Classic exercise for weight loss

weight losing lunges
Option number two, not feeling the crunches just yet or want something that will work out your thighs and butt no worries try doing lunges. Lunges are a go way to strengthen your legs and butt.

Weight losing with push up

Now there is always the good old fashioned push up. The military has used these from the very beginning and there is a reason, push ups get results! They target the arms and shoulders area. Just remember to move your body like it is a plank (watch out for the common butt up in the air, it affects your results)!

toe touching weight loss

Strange toe touching for perfect abs

One exercise that can be a little brutal is the toe touch, and I don’t mean standing up tall and reaching to touch your toes. I am talking about laying down on your back, arms and legs fully extended on the floor. Now slowly raise your arms and legs from the floor, try to do this is a slow and even motion (that’s the hard part, avoiding any major jerking around during the lift). Toe touches work on your abs.

Good old squats

And number five, consider doing squats! These are another tried and true method for working out at home. There are so many options for working out without ever setting foot into the gym. It will be a challenge but stick with it. The exercises will get easier as time goes on.

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