What’s the incentive to look for Class A offices in Bulgaria

Prestige or functionality – what’s the incentive to look for Class A offices in Bulgaria

Can you guess why more and more companies every day look for Class A offices in Bulgaria? Because it’s fancy and more prestigious? Well, a good reason and despite not being the main in most cases, it’s not a one to neglect too. You might have heard stories about Bulgarian enterprises relocating to areas of the highest category only to attract foreign investors and to gain additional credibility in the search for additional funding. Offering a top-level working environment helps to attract employees too and among the fastest developing firms the bid for the best performing professional to be pooled in include a competition to make the condition better and better.

The toughest part comes when the actual search for Class A offices in Bulgaria is started by a company. It turns out that despite the growing numbers in the stats of newly constructed business buildings the supply still gasps for breath trying to catch up with the demand. Certain segments of the economy such as the IT sector and outsourcing companies accelerate rapidly in their activity so they start to have increasing influence in the big picture and thus needs space to expand and only in location but in quality.

The problem is in the scarcity of places that really meet all fundamental requirements to be a top-level category. Scrolling between ads you might find dozens and even hundreds Class A offices in Bulgaria but do they really deserve to be labeled like that? We doubt it, many of those presentations and photos do not tell you the whole truth and often some key requirement is missing – whether it’ll be the infrastructure, the security system or something else. The companies that fly high in their respective business area have to be placed in the appropriate environment and Forton can support you to find and choose the one for your enterprise.